Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sharing My Heart, Now Share Yours.

Love making silly faces in the mirror with my little boy.  
I adore snuggling up with Noah during his nap time. 
I loved family time while washing the cars. 
I love sharing Jesus with him through coloring. 
I loved dancing around the house to Frank Sinatra all morning yesterday.

I am one blessed momma. 
Noah is one blessed child. 
But if we were sitting across the table from each other this morning enjoying a cup of coffee I would share with you that my heart is broken. I would share that last week while in Haiti my heart grew in so many ways through the love of the Lord. 

One of those ways is for the children who are missing out. Missing out on parents who adore them, get to spend time with them, share with them how much Jesus loves them, affirm them that they are wonderful & precious, and to simply make silly faces in the mirror together. My heart is broken for all children, not just those in Haiti, but those within the states & locally as well. My heart does break for the sweet children in Haiti that I personally was blessed to spend time with them last week. My heart today is heavy for the moms who do not invest joy, happiness, love, kindness, gentleness, fun, and the LOVE of the Lord with their children every single day. My heart is heavy for the errors I've made as a mom with Noah. Not showing him how to be patient sometimes when the silly stresses of every day get in my way or when I make the choice to get frustrated instead of show grace when I've said "no" 5 times in a row. 

Today I would share with you that I'm thankful to have a broken heart. To be broken hearted is good, because brokenness brings change. My heart more than anything has grown for the moms who are not loving their children the way the Lord calls mothers to love. My heart has grown for the mom who just need to be encouraged here & there that she is doing a wonderful job as a mother.

Moms enjoy your babies today. Encourage other moms to love their babies the way the Lord calls us to. 

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  1. such a sweet family and you have a beautiful heart! just stumbled upon your blog, excited to follow along and read more :)


    1. Thank you Erin for your sweet words. So glad you found me. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. "To be broken hearted is good, because brokenness brings change."

    Love that line, could not be more true! I'm enjoying getting to see all the snapshots of your trip. The kids are so cute! Glad y'all got the chance to love on them. I'm sure you have so many stories to share of all the amazing things that God did over there, looking forward to hearing more.

    Love those photos of you and Noah, so cute! It was so fun to see him while staying at your parents house, he's such a little entertainer! Hope we get a chance to visit you guys soon! :)


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