Wednesday, August 22, 2012

House Full of Friends & Laughs

Our week has been full of friends & loved ones floating in & out of our home. We are loving it and enjoying every minute of it! This is why I have not been around much the last week. At this moment I'm sitting on the back porch enjoying coffee & cookies at midnight with one of my best friends Kayla. 
I absolutely LOVE this girl! She is one of those people that just gets me & always has. About 3 years ago God totally brought her into my life at the right time & I'm so thankful. We haven't seen each other for months but you would never know it, its always like we just saw each other yesterday. So I'm loving having her in our home & sharing testimonies from our trip to Haiti & her recent trip to Honduras where she ministered & served in crusades. Kayla is leaving in the morning to head back to SAGU, but we are going to see her next week in Dallas for a concert we are going to!

My brother Robert Kyle & his lovely lady Haleigh (who is the SWEETEST THING EVER) came to stay with us for the weekend. Oh my, we really enjoyed them being here. This girl is a hoot! It was so nice to let the guys hang out & just sit on the couch with Haleigh and chat for hours. 
Noah being silly, ha! Noah loves both of these people just as much as Johnny & I. It is sad because he keeps asking for "Hawee & RobKyle" over & over, breaks my heart. We had such a fun weekend of thrifting, eating, drinking coffee, watching a movie, church, and just hanging out together. I'm so glad that they came to visit. I'm looking forward to seeing them again soon hopefully! 

Oh my, this week has been so full & it is still going strong. So thankful for the last two weeks of family & friends. To top it off another one of my really good friends, Jane, just moved about 40 minutes from us. Looking forward to seeing her soon! 

How is your week??? 
Hope your having a lovely Wednesday! 

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