Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sweet Faces (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

look at Tuckers little face!
Last weekend my mom, sister, niece & nephew came to stay with us for a few days. So much fun! LOVE having them here. So CRAZY when our kids get together. My niece is 6 months older than Noah & let me just say that these 2 love each other but are insane together. Insane meaning, non-stop, uninterrupted screaming, dancing, running, singing, smiling, and flat out pure craziness. Tucker is just now getting in on all the action.

One more thing before you continue on... I promise my sister & I do put clothing on our children. For some reason these pictures suggest differently ha!

loving on his Grammy. he is glued to my mommas hip anytime she is around.
little miss Abbey begging Noah to come ride in the 
car & stop playing in the dirt
 bubbles with uncle Johnny

Noah just wanted to hold baby Tucker all the time
 look at this sweet baby boy, don't you just want to squeeze his little self? I do! 
Such a fun time. Looking forward to seeing them again! I will have to make a trip to Austin very soon. 

I'm aware this was picture overload but I just couldn't help myself with all the cuteness.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. ok SO adorable! this post made me just a hair baby hungry haha! xoxo


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