Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Night

There was this moment last night that completely made my week. Made everything seem lovely & perfect. Everything that seemed chaotic, out of place, or sad even - all suddenly perfect.

I'll tell you about that moment in just a minute. 
First, let me share this. 

This week was just so out of the norm. I felt miserable (better now) with the whole tooth ordeal. Didn't do much of anything, literally. If you know me, you know this drives me insane. (I'm a busy bee & always need creative outlets) Lately I've really been missing my mom & family. Johnny had an opportunity to do the worship for a church event the last 3 nights in a town about an hour away so he's been busy. My mom, sister, niece & nephew were here for a few days & I love having them here. Really miss them. But they had to leave after church yesterday. My heart is always so sad after they leave but I'm so thankful they came. Honestly, I don't think living far away will ever be easy. 

It has been such a mix of really bad & really good this week. If that makes sense. It has just been different. One of those weeks that just really makes you stop & think about all kinds of things in life. Such as where you've come from, where you're going, and what you are doing now. Perhaps I'm the only one who has these moments. I appreciate them & think it is important to have them. It keeps your life in line, your heart in the right place, and you in motion. 

The moment.
As I went to lay Noah down on the couch in the sitting room (he fell asleep while we were watching the Olympics) on the way back up from laying him down, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was interesting. I had this moment where pure gratitude & disbelief came over me as I saw my reflection. Seriously. I just felt kinda in awe that life has been so wonderful to me. Regardless of how weird & off the week was life is so good. God is good. For real, I mean I'm standing in a room that is devoted to sitting, reading, relaxing, & listening to music & I'm laying my sweet baby on the couch to nap. Love the little things in life that make you realize the bigger things God is doing. 

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Monday. 

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  1. OH I love those moments. Sometimes I just need to sit and reflect on what I am SO grateful for and that can turn any bad mood around. Gratitude puts everything in perspective :)


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