Friday, August 24, 2012

Reflecting on Haiti

Today I am thinking of Haiti. To be honest, since we got back from Haiti, most of the time I am thinking about Haiti. I haven't really shared too much about our trip on my blog just because I've been processing everything the Lord is doing in my heart & life as a result of the trip. I have been on several mission trips & only two times have I truly wished I could just scoop up my entire life & family and move to live there. Again, to be honest, I can not believe that I fell so in love with Haiti because it is so hot, there is extreme poverty everywhere, and there are plenty of bugs (& some rats) to go around for everyone. However, there are so many beautiful children who long to be loved on,  many precious people who need to know how much Jesus loves them, villages that need encouragement, and so much work that needs to be done.  I think our country shares a lot of these same needs, so as much as we fell in love with the country we know that God has not called us (at this time in our lives) to be missionaries in another country. We strongly feel that at some point in our life we will serve as missionaries. This is perhaps why our hearts are so heavy right now.

We arrived in Port Au Prince with a small group from our church & traveled about 45 minutes out. We have many friends & family who keep asking us to share from our trip. I think this is going to be the easiest way for us to do that. Today I'll share what we did the first two days while we were there... we stayed & worked for an incredible organization, Mission of Hope, that is truly making a difference in the lives of the Haitian people & the country. There are endless amounts of testimonies of the ways God has blessed & is blessing the country of Haiti through Mission of Hope. It is incredible. We were honored to be a small part of their summer VBS program & minister in several villages in the area. 
at the Mission. Just beautiful views!

we painted & did work projects the Saturday we arrived at Mission of Hope 

we got to play with the sweet children living in the orphanage. There home was  right outside our door. 
we had the chance to see them in the morning & evenings before we went to sleep
we toured the property & caught the vision of Mission of Hope. Click here!
Ambulance that was donated to MOH just before the earthquake. Incredible testimony of how God spoke to a man to get an ambulance to MOH, just before the earthquake. Mission of Hope was one of the few who were able to get to areas that were devastated by the earthquake. 
The Clinic at MOH that serves the community.
one of the schools on the MOH campus.
Incredible testimony of how God is provided education.
the beautiful church at MOH
we loved worshiping with so many believers
we were a little toasty but loving it!
waiting for church to start!
taking a tour of Bercy in the King of the Roads (our transportation).
 It actually got a flat tire & these 3 men fixed it!

part of tent city
the new homes in Leveque.
So many families still need homes.
They were displaced here after the earthquake.
Pastor Edgar & Johnny.
New homes on right, old on the left.
this hill doesn't look like much. but it was scary!! there was no room for error when the bus took this turn.
 We had to get off for the bus to make it up & turn.

There is just so much to share from our trip. This is what we did the first two days we were there. The ministry aspect of our trip didn't really start until the 3rd day. Can't wait to share about our time in VBS & in village ministry. It was such an incredible time. The Lord truly did a work in my heart while I was there. I'm thankful that I obeyed & got out of my comfort zone to be a small part of what the Lord is doing through Mission of Hope. I'm thankful that the Lord has broken my heart in a new way & has shown me how to carry that brokenness out in our everyday lives. Can't wait to share more about that soon!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Great pictures and recap of your trip. Its amazing what people can do when they come together to help others! I'm your new follower from Texas Bloggers! hugs!

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  5. New follower from the GFC Blog Hop :) This post is amazing and inspiring. The pictures make my heart happy, and those children were SO appreciative of your efforts I'm sure. You Rock!

  6. what an incredible experience!

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