Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Things October Has Taught Me (A Link Up)

The month of October has taught me a lot about myself. Revealing things that make my heart very happy. Showing me a few things that need some work. While washing dishes this morning, I had this thought, what am I learning today? Better yet, what has this month taught me?

In case you were wondering, it is totally normal to have serious conversations with yourself while washing dishes. Ladies, is necessary to have thoughtful conversations with yourself while doing any chore. Also it is okay to answer this question with both a serious & light hearted approach. 

So my brain went to reflecting & here is what October Has Taught Me: 

1. Mind over Matter
My entire life I have dreading elevators with a passion. I would walk up countless sets of stairs just to avoid the elevator ever since I can remember. Serving as a missionary in NYC, I took the stairs all the time. The day I was induced to have Noah, I took 3 flights of stairs at the University that morning to finish up finals & then lugged my pregnant self up 3 more flights of stairs to Labor & Delivery at the Hospital. That sums up my fear of elevators.

However, Mind over Matter = TheKey. Its true. At Influence I decided to skip the 9 flights of stairs in exchange for the (often) jammed packed elevator of people. My family & close friends were shocked to learn that I took the elevator.

2. Sharing Jesus is Important (Especially in the home)
 Noah is at an age that he talks about what his parents talk about. He loves what we love. He enjoys our hobbies. Gets excited over the same things that we do. Loves who we love. Doest what we do.

In this same manner, he is learning to love Jesus the way his mommy & daddy do. He understands the power of prayer. He is being taught to value the conversations he has with God. He knows its okay to worship, at any time. Noah is only 2, perhaps he doesn't understand the depth but he most certainly understands the presence and the importance. He knows that when we have a problem we talk to Jesus about it before going to anyone else. It has become natural for Noah. Friends, we have the power of Influence in our home. 
Lets use it.

Yesterday, while cleaning up the house, I peeked into the sitting room to see Noah doing this. He was worshipping. On his own. My heart melted. I cried & then sent the picture to Johnny. His heart melted.

3. I can Read Spanish (Pretty well)
On the connecting plane ride home from Indianapolis I picked up the magazine in front of me. In the middle of an English magazine I found this Spanish article. I read it. ALL! Understood everything. Minus a word or two. I've realized how much I need to be pro-active in keeping up with this skill.

4. Kayla Really Looks like Kari Jobe
Funny story. She surprised me at the airport. I knew she was picking me up but because I didn't get to call her during my connecting flight in Detroit (they had to hold the plane for me while I ran through the airport) I was not expecting to see her in luggage claim. Funny part. There was a cluster of older women who kept looking us both up & down & making weird faces. Kayla & I were pretty much dressed identical. Long shirts, tights, blue jean jackets, boots, and big purses.
We laughed so hard! But seriously, she really looks like Kari Jobe! She is told that all the time.

5. I'm capable of designing cute business cards!
This picture doesn't do them justice. I just snapped it quick. 
In case you haven't noticed the blog has been getting a major overhall this month. It is a work in progress as I'm doing it myself. I needed business cards for my shop & blog so I thought it would be fun to design these as well. It really was! Johnny helped me with creating the template for them but I used Pixlr to work with the colors/fonts and then photoshop to grab an arrow or 2 and for resizing. So fun!

These are the 5 things October has taught me. What are some things that you have learned this month?
Happy Friday!


  1. Good on you for facing your fear! My Mum also has a fear of elevators and I don't think I've seen her in one yet. Your son playing the guitar and worshipping is so, so sweet! One is never too young to learn about Jesus, that's for sure.

    1. Oh, I hope she faces her fear of elevators too! It wasn't the easiest at 1st, but each time I jumped in one it got easier. I agree, never to young to know how to worship the lord.

  2. I love your heart, sweet friend! And those business cards are lovely - I was just looking through the ones I got at Influence and yours is one of my favorite designs :)

    Have a blessed and happy weekend! xoxo

  3. So bummed I missed this link up! Please do this again in November! Love the idea!

    P.s. I loved your business cards...way to go on the designing them yourself...i broke out in a cold sweat thinking about designing my own! :)

    1. I will be doing it again in November. It was so last minute that I didn't announce a link up or anything.
      lol. thanks. I just didn't know if I got someone else to design them that they would come out the way I liked. lol

  4. New follower! I love that you reference Kari Jobe!! She is from our church (Gateway in Southlake) she is amazing and we love every time she comes back home to worship with us!! :) xo

    1. Thats awesome. Ya, we keep wanting to get over there when she is in town one night, but so far we haven't. My friend Kayla (the one in the picture) goes often to that church.


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