Monday, October 29, 2012

Just Like Heaven {the Movie}

  This weekend we met up with our good friends Jane & Wesley for the day. We had originally made plans to go camping but then our family was pretty sick so we decided to do something else.We went to the Rose Gardens and they were beautiful. 
This place reminded me of the movie, Just Like Heaven, with Reese Witherspoon. In particular the scene at the end with all of the flowers & plants taking over the roof of her apartment. Look...
It totally does. Right? I suggested to Johnny that this would be a wonderful location for our 5 yr. wedding anniversary. It really is gorgeous. Yes, I'm already planning our 5 year anniversary. We agreed this year on our anniversary that every 5 years we will pick a location & invite our family & friends (if they can make it) to come for a little party as we recite our personal vows we wrote to one another the day we said "I Do". Each year we recite them to one another, but we thought every 5 years it would be nice to get everyone together. Do you & yours do anything special for anniversaries? 
Johnny seems to be okay with this as a potential location. The other place we have in mind is in Wimberley, Texas. We shall see. 
So, I couldn't help but take so many pictures because it was picture perfect here.
 Me & Jane. The sun was so crazy bright. 
It was a nice, relaxing day hanging out with this sweet couple. After spending time in the rose gardens we went back for lunch & to hang out at Janes. She moved about an hour away from us a few months ago & I'm so happy that she is nearby.
Oh this little man. He seems to know just how to smile to make my heart melt.
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful pictures!! Where is the Rose Garden? I am a new follower from the Texans Who Blog fb group.

    1. hey Dani. thanks for stopping by. The rose garden is in Tyler. It is wonderful!


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