Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to Reality. Still Pursuing His Heart.

The truth is - yes, I'm back to reality. Back from an incredible few days of time spent on myself away from my normal everyday mommy/wife role, schedule, and commitments.  I've jumped back into a routine that sometimes, if not careful, can become overwhelming and way too busy to allow me to think about myself. 
The truth is - I needed last week. 
Every woman needs time like that. That time to get away from her responsibilities of everyday 24/7 mommy hood, her job, caring for others, making dinners, folding laundry, making sure that everything is done & just right. She needs that time to get dressed up, feel pretty, and have clothes on for more than 2 hours without fear that little dirty peanut buttery hands will stain her lovely dress. 
She needs to dress cute & feel pretty 3 times in a row. 
She needs that time to connect with like minded women. 
Build friendships.
Feel inspired.
Foster creativity. 
Be encouraged by the word of God. 
She needs time to pursue her goals in life. 
Not just her goals for her family, but the goals & dreams that her Lord has placed in her heart. She must learn to value that time to get away & continue to discover exactly who she is as a woman in Gods eyes.

Let me ask you. Influence attendee or not, woman to woman. 
Are you that woman who needs that time? 
Do you know your hearts desires?
Have you asked the Lord to share his dreams for your life lately? 
If not, I encourage you to grab a journal. Sit down & open your life & heart to the Lord on a regularly basis.

Maybe that time isn't going to a conference maybe it looks different. Perhaps its heading to Starbucks at 6 am twice a week to sit & talk with Jesus. Maybe its grabbing a sitter a few times a month so you can shut the door to your room & you can write out what is on your heart.

It might be setting aside a day/night every 3 months to grab a hotel room with some friends & talk about your dreams & goals in life. Time to reflect together if the direction God has for you, is what your heart is in pursuit of today.

Be encouraged and know this:
God loves you and that God is for you! (Psalm 56:9)
The Lord wants to be in a relationship with you. He wants to share his plans for your life with you. Plans that are amazing & incredible. Dreams that only he can give to your heart. Dreams that will seem totally out of your reach on your own (and they are) but with him he designs them with you in mind and places them at your fingertips. Begin to dream with the Lord & ask him to show you the plans for your life. (Psalm 20:4, Proverbs 16:3-9, Matthew 6:31-35)

I love that God gives me dreams, purpose, and a vision for my life. I'm thankful that as a woman who has a family & commitments that I still pursue God's other dreams for my life, aside from the ones he has already given me which are the ones that I hold the closest to my heart. Yes, I am back to my beautiful reality of life with my sweet family. It is an ugly mess of reality sometimes but it is truly wonderful.  

Yesterday Noah & I spent the day in the backyard playing in the leaves & mud with trucks. Noah ran around like crazy playing his version of baseball. He is precious.

Life is back to normal. Johnny is playing his guitar while I'm cooking, we are writing out the words that God places in our hearts, & putting them to melodies as Noah dances around us. Toys are strung across the house. The floors need to be swept & mopped. Life is busy.

Still God is speaking to my heart. Still I am pursing his dreams for my life. 
Happy Tuesday Friends. 


  1. What a beautiful post! I was at the conference too but we didn't get to meet. I loved the time we had to dream at the conference & I definitely to find more time to do it! So needed to feel rejuvenated and passionate!

  2. What a beautiful post! I was at the conference too tho I don't think we met:(. I was so refreshed and inspired by the conference and like you said really need to find a way to get those moments away more regularly. I am a much better wife, mom, friend, etc when I am feeling filled up by God and having a chance to dream big!

    1. hi Annie. Sadly, I don't think we met either. Those moments are so hard to find. Bust somehow the Lord gives us grace even when we can't seem to get them in often enough. He still gives us new dreams in the busy of life.

  3. It's hard sometimes to set aside "mommy time". I get so caught up in everything that's going on, and just the everyday stresses of life. I have to make an effort to get out and do something for myself. Having quiet time with God in the morning, before the little one wakes up, has helped tremendously. :)

    1. Thats so great. To be honest, I've tried to get up early in the morning & often doesn't work for me. Although today I did, and I'm so thankful. Maybe this will be a new trend for me, to get up earlier. lol

  4. Love this post! And love hearing from your heart! I am so glad that the Lord choose to cross our paths at Influence. Your post has definitely encourage me to make room for those "me" moments and to allow the Lord to fill me up before I ever begin to pour myself out.

    To answer your question about the "month by month" onesies. They are actually stickers that I purchased off of Etsy.

    Happy Wednesday, Brittany!

    1. hi lady. i know, really happy that we got to meet & hang out a bit at the conference. Awesome, I think i'll do the same, order them on etsy. thanks!

  5. i am so GLAD we got to meet & chat, and hope that we can continue it (even on this here internet thing). You are such a beauty inside and out. Keep making time for you Brittany, and He will make time for the rest. :) So fun and inspiring talking you chica.

    barb f.


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