Monday, December 31, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

The Originals. As My Brother Says.
Christmas was such a good time of seeing my family & really getting to spend time with them. We loaded the car down on Sunday & made the forever long drive to my parents house. 
Love my sweet boys.
My mom & I did some baking. Of course she made a mess and decided start a little food fight. Ha. Not really, just kinda. 
My sister & her growing family came down Christmas morning & the kids went crazy over christmas fun. Yes, they drove their parents a bit crazy too! Oh my, Abbey & Noah are still nuts when they get together. However, there were glimpses of hope that they are learning to settle down every now & then. Fingers Crossed.
Noahs belly in this picture cracks me up!!!
Noah loving on uncle Robert Kyle. Love this picture. Noah sometimes still looks like such a baby to me.
My mom & I opening boots from one another, Ha. My dad very happy about his Keurig from my momma. My mom is now a member of the Iphone family, thanks to my daddy. Hooray! 
More pictures of family fun. Check out Tucker climbing up his new wagon.
On Wednesday my mom gave the kids new pajamas. The way they were hugging them you would think Jen & I never bought anything for them. ha! Too funny. Noah is always a bit more overly excited than most. lol. Then we all decorated a gingerbread house.
These little Turkeys totally took over! I'm glad, because they really loved it! 
My dad had to go back to work Wednesday & when he returned the kids went nuts! Makes my heart happy.
I love watcing Noah & my daddy playing soccer together. My dad is a nut, wonder where Noah & I get that from? :) I really hope everyone had a great Christmas. I am ready for this new year. 


  1. Cute pictures! Found you via The Simple Things. Happy New Year!

  2. Great photos, looks like you had a good time! :)

  3. Hi I found you on the Blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute. have a great week. :)


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