Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Festive (With the Stomach Bug & Dropping a Carton of Eggs in the Parking Lot)

Happy Friday. 
Guess what? Christmas is almost here! Crazy, huh?
Well I hope you are having a great week leading up to Christmas.  
Here is our eventful week with some help from Instagram.
Noah was a "star" in his MDO play. It was cute, he walked out totally bashful. It is so unlike him, because as most of you know he is such a little entertainer & always trying to make everyone laugh. It was kinda nice to see him a bit more shy, and to see a different side of him. 
Monday night I saw a movie with some friends. Good company. Movie not so much. Playing for keeps was a disappointment. 

Tuesday night rolled around. All night Noah refused to sleep & at 6 am on Wednesday started throwing up for which seemed like an eternity. My poor baby. He was also running a fever and just miserable.

So let me brag on my husband for a second. I had been planning to watch my friends 3 children on Thursday. However, Noah was still sick & I had picked up the stomach. I felt really horrible about not being able to watch our friends children so my husband volunteered to watch them at the church. My husband always impresses me without even trying. I kept asking him, "um are you sure honey? I know you need to get some stuff done." He just kept saying, "ya is not a big deal." Fortunately our friends children are very well behaved making it no big deal for Johnny to watch them & get stuff done.
Thursday afternoon I was feeling okay & I made the not so wise decision to go to Walmart. In the middle of the baking isle the stomach bug kicked in. Seriously, throwing up in the middle of Walmart was really not appealing to me. So I decided to just leave quickly. Paid for my stuff and hustled to the car. I was really trying to not throw up & in the process dropped everything on the group, including a carton of eggs & all of them broke. Eggs were the only thing Noah had said he would eat. The reason why I ventured to the store. 
Oh my.
All day Wednesday & Thursday I cleaned up vomit & accidents. Noah had been refusing to eat until last night when I got the bright idea to make him friendly food. For advent we always make festive pancakes & this year we made reindeer pancakes! He ate half of his plate, making his mommy very happy. To make these just scrounge up items in your fridge to create a friendly face.
Loving on his "baby Jesus"
House is getting Festive.
Although, the sickness hit our home (again) it really has been a good week. Noah & I have had a great time snugging & playing in between taking breaks to throw up. Ha. I'm glad I made the choice to really enjoy Christmas this week. 

I'm really looking forward to today & this weekend. I feel like we have shaken the stomach bug & are ready to start getting festive. Planning to bake, bake, bake and enjoy fun advent plans with my boys! 

Merry Christmas,

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  1. We had the bug here too! So horrible.

    Glad y'all are feeling better and I LOVE those reindeer pancakes!! xo


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