Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh the Happy

Oh the Happy. 
For me Living Passionately means finding the Happy in life.
Oh the Happy every time this little man laughs. 
Noah's laugh is contagious. 
Often I think he may pass out from the joy that exudes from his tiny body.
He never has - Instead, he usually falls over.
Oh the Happy each time this man laughs with the same intensity as our Noah.
Oh the Happy.
This man loves me. 
Everyday he loves me. 
In moments that are hard.
Times that are ugly.
When joy is everywhere we look.
If happy is across my face.
Or if tears continue to stream down.
He simply loves me.
Oh the Happy.
He kisses my nose so often that keeping count is impossible.
Oh the Happy.
 He falls asleep most evenings holding my hand.
Oh the Happy that he rarely will go to bed without me. Sitting beside me, holding my hand, until I am done reading a book, checking emails, or writing a bit here.
 Oh the Happy.
Oh the Happy when these two nap together.
Every Saturday & Sunday this is my view.
You can find me curled up in a chair next to theirs.
There will never be enough words to describe the joy that fills my heart when I look at these two.

My hope is that you are living passionately. Searching for the joy. Happiness. Beauty in your life at all times. Be sure to notice everything, before it passes you by. Even when life is rough around the edges there is still joy to be found. Find it.

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  1. Found your precious blog through mercy ink :)

  2. You have the sweetest, most inspirational posts. Your blog is a blessing, as are you!

    1. Thats sweet of you to say, thank you friend.

  3. This post makes me smile. I am a HAPPY mother of two, cotton top little boys. Wife of a cowboy who stole my heart 20 years ago. I'd love for you to drop by Blessings Beyond the Barnyard.
    :O) Karmen

  4. love this! you have such a sweet family - your boys are so cute together. you're the kind of girl that inspires me! can't wait to hang around your blog. xo

    1. Than you Rachael. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  5. LOVE your son's outfit in the first two pictures! Oh my goodness, he is just too cute! And let me just say, I love the way you talk about your husband. So sweet :)

    1. Thank you Brittany. Well it sure is easy to talk about him, I'm so blessed by him. thanks for coming by my blog.


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