Monday, February 25, 2013

Lets Play Catch Up (2 Videos Included)

I'm back. The last week our internet was down. So I decided to embrace a week of not writing & sharing here. But I'm happy to get back to this little space of mine.

Lets play catch up...I'll fill you in on life.
Last week flew by. Life is busy but good, as usual. On Wednesday nights I'm blessed to be a youth sponsor in our church youth group. This weekend was a girls event called, Radiant. It was such a great time. During the week I made some fun & pretty things like pin wheels and garlands. I've seriously got an addiction to garlands, no joke. So Angela let me make some for this event, giving me somewhere to put these garlands, ha! I put together a little photo booth & for the backdrop dyed coffee filters for a garland. Seriously, so many coffee filters. So much white vinegar! Yikes!
Noah & I ran lots of errands for other things this week. He was pretty tired after one of our Target trips. I took him in & snuggled all afternoon on this day. There simply is nothing more wonderful than a big pouty lip on a sleeping two year old & getting to snuggle all afternoon with him!
Do you ever have those weeks when you just really feel like you fell a little more in love with your spouse? Last week was definitely one of those weeks. Love this guy of mine!

Oh have you heard of this book, Cold Tangerines? I picked it up last week & it is so good. If you are looking for a book to read & grow spiritually this is another great one! She hits a few nerves with me, that I would like to pretend she doesn't,oh my.
So Noah went to stay with my parents for the weekend. They live forever & a year away from us, not really, just about 4.5 hours & he was so excited to see Grammy & Campy. Johnny gave Noah a special message to give to Campy while he was staying at their house. watch the video above.
This little boy of ours loves sports. Just like his daddy. Definitely does not get that from his momma. Heres another video, of Noah paying baseball.he is too funny!
I think it is safe to say that Noah had a great time with Grammy & Campy. My mom sent me this picture after Noah had some Blue Bell Ice Cream & he fell asleep. I'm a happy momma because Johnny is on his way to pick Noah up right now, yay! Happy Monday.


  1. Love that sweet picture of him sleeping!! And the videos are precious!

    1. thank you. they kept sending me these videos of Noah & they were all cracking me up.

  2. 1- that girls event looks like so much fun!
    2- I love that Noah calls them Grammy and Campy- adorable.
    3- you are beautiful! seriously, your hair is gorgeous!!
    4- totally adding that book to my list to read!

    1. The girls event was a good time! You are too sweet, and Yes you must add this book to your list. a friend of mine was telling me about another book by the same author called, Bittersweet, that now I want to read too.

  3. i love the videos! he could seriously be america's cutest kiddo... only cause the ones I love most live in Australia! ;)

    1. ha. too funny. well I agree he's the cutest kid. lol


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