Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Mint Obsession

The Mint Obsession

If you follow me on Pinterest or if we have grabbed coffee recently then you have probably noticed my slight obsession with mint. From my shirts, pants, nail polish, earrings, and now my office. I've kinda gone mint crazy. Y'all this color is just so pretty. You've got to try it out if you haven't yet. 
Buy Mint Earrings here
I've been wearing my mint earrings all the time. 
Grab a pair from my shop. 

So have you heard of Polyvore? I had but just never played around with it until recently. I'm still figuring it out but so far I'm enjoying it. Come join me & follow along, here. Anyone can create an account and have fun playing around with different products. 

I'm really loving these mint pieces in this collection I put together. My favorite thing about them is that they are all under $60. These days that is pretty good ladies. So have you fallen for Mint yet? 


  1. I love mint and have been the biggest fan of mint for years now. And, it just screams spring.

  2. I've got an obsession with mint lately, too. For the past year, in fact. So much so, the color could use it's own closet.

  3. I have for sure! It's my favorite.

    I found a mint colored, 3/4 sleeve, cardigan at H&M the other day. Perfect for Spring! I might have to go grab some of that Essie polish now. :) :)

  4. I love the mint color! On my toes especially. It just screams spring and i am SO ready for spring!!!!


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