Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

1. All about Perspective. Monday, I determined that it would be a great week.  
2.  Melt my heart. During our bi weekly trip to target Noah kept asking me, "I'm you buddy right mommy?" Oh my little sweetheart. 
You can be a stink, but you are the sweetest.
3. Johnny's catch. All week long Noah has been playing the the sheets & blankets. He keeps saying he is hiding and will roll around forever. Often saying he is a baby Noah taco. It cracks me up! 
4. Valentines Day. Noah enjoyed his presents from both sets of grandparents.
5. Home Date. Valentines day I was pretty sick, but that night we had an at home date filled with noah sleeping, sushi eating, chocolate covered strawberries, jazz music, movies, and laughs. Then some more sickness.. what are ya gonna do? ha. 

How was your week??
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