Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To be Still

life just needs to be still some days.
for us, there are some days that are perfectly still. 
my little & I snuggled up to a cartoon on the couch together. 
lining up every toy in the room all together in one spot.
enjoying blueberries from a tea cup & leaving them for later to wash.
siting quietly painting on the back deck. 
laying on the living room floor telling silly stories.

some of our best days are spent still. 
not too much fuss. little adventure. just us.
the stillness is very refreshing. 

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  1. Absolutely love this sweet post! I soak in these "still" moments every chance I get. We don't get them too often, but when we do they are just precious!!

  2. This is so perfect. In the rush to do more and be more, it's important to just the enjoy the perfection of the right now, imperfect as it might be!

  3. Love this. So sweet..Looking forward to those still days. Judah is still VERY active :)

  4. your boy is so sweet, what a lovely time to soak up and enjoy!


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