Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Cravings

Oh Pregnancy. 
The truth is I truly enjoy being pregnant, even though I'm the type whose hormones are very affected. Immediately I experience lots of nausea, throwing up, fatigue, and I crave random things! All that jazz. But I LOVE it. Even with all the sickness I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just so happy that I have another chance to be pregnant again. 

With this pregnancy I've been craving a few things that are out of the normal for me. Things that I ate sometimes but not like I have been. The two most unusual things for me have been bacon & tuna fish. Really I've been wanting fish in general. Unfortunately tuna & fish are one of the things that have to be eaten in moderation while pregnant. Bummer. 

So, mommas when you are pregnant what do you find yourself craving? 
Happy Thursday!


  1. I wanted ANYTHING spicy, tuna or sushi, and the one constant craving was my peanut butter banana toast with a frosted glass of milk. Like I wouldn't go to bed without having those two things. lol

    You are so cute!!!

  2. Mmmmmm! Those all sound delicious!

    Oh gosh, when I was pregnant I mainly craved things from the states! {We live in Peru} it was HORRIBLE..but probably saved me lots of pounds!

    One morning {2am} I laid in bed for an hour convincing myself I did NOT need tomato soup. I lost...and at 3am I got up and homemade tomato soup! So crazy!

  3. When I was pregnant I always craved Mexican food, bacon, and donuts. Always. Thankfully I did crave something healthy.. water. Haha

  4. (obviously Im playing catch up since Ive been missing some reading lately..haha) I don't even know if I craved anything. Except eating whole french silk pies at the end of it..haha I had so many aversions in the beginning though... which included bottled water..haha. so weird =)


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