Monday, December 9, 2013

One. Two.

Then there were two. 
Honestly, most days it still feels very surreal that we have two.
Almost unbelievable that I get to be the momma of two little ones.
I am blessed to care for them everyday of my life. 
to pour into their little beings. 
to protect them. speak truth to them. 
guide their hearts & minds. 
pray over each one.
snuggle up to, laugh with, and enjoy. 

the truth, 
they challenge me beyond what I ever thought to be capable of. 
(my 3 year old in particular) 
they push me to be kinder, more gentle, and to understand loving unconditionally.

especially when the circles under my eyes are very dark, my hair hasn't been washed in nearly a week, and I would do just about anything for a solid 5 minutes alone with my thoughts.

we have a new normal now. bath time looks just a little different these days. Olivia is keen on being held so bath time sometimes includes lots of crying while we wash up. Poor girl is a very colicky baby so mommy usually straps on a sling to tote Olivia around for 3-4 hours a night. Anything to help soothe my princess. Noah is at a place that he just misses daddy a whole lot. The picture above is from him screaming because he wanted to go with Johnny some place. As a mom the opportunity to be kind to him when I'm exhausted arises nearly every day. I'm so thankful the Lord pours into me grace and kindness on a regular basis because without that life with littles would be very hard.

 I've been getting these types of questions often, 
"how is it with two?"or "Its a whole different ball game with two huh?"

yes it is. honestly, its not always easy or pretty. but it really, really is wonderful.

Truly these little people bring me much joy & encouragement.
Already, they bring true happiness to my heart when the enemy tries desperately to steal my joy.
These two put smiles on my face when life is a bit uncertain. 

the last two months have been the most challenging of my life. 
there have been times when I literally felt as if I were fighting for my life. 
the enemy trying to steal our happiness by attacking my health.
but the promises of the Lord are proven to me in my babies. 
The Lord is so faithful. each one of my children are specific reminders of who God is to me.

Noah is healing. 
One in heaven is peace. 
Another in heaven is grace. 
Olivia is my faith baby.

I'm so thankful for each of their lives.
In the moments that I'm feeling really tired, or theres potential to feel overwhelmed I simply remember how blessed I am by them. I've prayed so hard for their lives, health, and they are such a joy! I really just want to kiss their sweet baby cheeks, and snuggle up with them all the time. I really am enjoying being a momma of two. 

Happy Monday.


  1. Your children are so so beautiful!! Love your post. I know my baby girl can be often testy. I love their names!!

  2. What a beautiful family! Such sweet times


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