Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Place to Create

Y'all my little room for creating is coming together. If you follow me on Pinterest, click here, thats my mood board for, A Room for Creating. I've been gathering inspiration for a space to call mine in our home. I had a closet office in our last home that was so perfect. But when we moved into this home instead of having a reading room I decided to make that space into my office. Expanding my cute little closet office into a whole room. My husband was sweet and totally on board with this idea.
About a month ago I described to Johnny the type of desk that would be perfect for the space. We went to Lowes & found the perfect legs (fence post) with character for the desk. He had all the wood & supplies at home for the rest of the desk. It turned out so beautiful. My husband is so talented. 
Over the last few weeks I've slowly been decorating this space of mine. Painting a few pieces of art, making hoops with cork board, framing scripture art I've drawn over the last year and being completely giddy over this space. The scripture art on the far left holds a special place in my heart. Over a year ago while drawing it out the Lord began pouring out freedom in my life from the heartache of losing our baby Grace. Thats the day I stopped holding onto so much pain of what could have been. Trusting that God had me.

Y'all I can't believe this space is for me! It is coming together so beautifully. Can't wait to get everything up & show you how it turns out. 

I truly believe it is so important to have a place of your own to create. or write. read. clear your mind. and most importantly dream. turn dreams into reality. Even if your space is as tiny as my little closet office in our last home was or maybe its just a pretty notebook & you sitting in a coffee shop somewhere.... it is important to be alone in that space you call yours to dream. 
I am a dreamer. I always have been. But recently the Lord has been dropping things in my heart that I know are meant to go after. This year he is giving me the courage to do them. Even if I think its a little crazy or too scary. I'm so thankful the Lord gave me Johnny. My husband is truly a gift to me. He encourages me to go after the things the Lord dreams in me. Regardless of how big they seem to me. 
Excited to get this space fully functional & put together soon.

The other prints from above are from Naptime Diaries Shop, a Royal Daughter (who by the way is just as kind & sweet in real life as she is online-just saying) and the tiny print on the hoop is from Hope Spoken.

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