Friday, May 9, 2014

Taking Stock

One of my favorite ladies in the blogging world shared this here the other day. She got the idea here. Thought I would give it a try. I think it reveals what life is like for me maybe in ways I didn't even know. 

Making : more lasting memories with my family.
Cooking : way too much thai.
Drinking : non fat no whip caramel iced lattes ... yum!
Reading: hosting the presence. bill johnson.
Wanting: a few days at home alone with my husband.
Looking: at beautiful yellow roses, carnations, and tulips.
Playing: the new bethel cd... listening to it.
Wasting: nothing.
Sewing: Owl softies. if you would like to purchase one let me know soon.
Wishing: deeper understandings.
Enjoying: all the sweet & silly things my Noah says.
Waiting: for Friday to get here. Y'all I'm getting a date night with my man! Praise JESUS!
Liking: capturing moments with my camera of my family.
Wondering: what time my children will wake me in the morning...
Loving: my husband.
Hoping: for creativity to capture the hearts of women.
Marveling: at Gods faithfulness.
Needing: girl time with my best friends. Ministry has left my best friends scattered across the country.
Smelling: the beautiful aroma of this wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers right next to me.
Wearing: pajamas.
Following: life.
Noticing: how cruel some women can be to others. it is painful to watch. feel.
Knowing: that those women do not know who they are in christ. that is painful to watch as well.
Thinking: There are so many things I want to talk to the Lord about.
Feeling: Overcome with emotion lately. Grateful for this life. The beautify among the pain it brings.
Bookmarking: This place in time.
Opening: Up to my dreams the Lord has given me.
Giggling: Over how beautiful my office room for creating is. Blessed.
Feeling: Overwhelmingly still but ready to move in this place of life we are in. Its beautiful. 
This was such a wonderful tool to reveal things about myself I didn't completely realize I was feeling. I hope y'all do this. So great! 


  1. Fun list!! I might have to do a take on it sometime! Seems like these days pictures and answers to questions are easier than longer blog posts!! Agreed on the women. I think it can happen from seeking to feel validated through others, and I know that can be an unintentional thing that unfortunately happens- people accidentally sending a message that your story or how you are or what you're going through doesn't matter as much when really, it's not how much we matter or are recognized or noticed by others that matters but Who we choose to matter to that does. So true that in the end, it's remembering that we are worth more than gold to God!

  2. I love this!! And that top pic of your kiddos, so perfect!

  3. I just read your last few posts. I've been following on Bloglovin but never read your blog. You are an amazing woman and God has blessed you greatly. I have been reading Bill Johnson's books and I love them. I wish there was a church like Bethel in my city. And I love their Tides CD so much! It's awesome! Is there a church like Bethel in your city?


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