Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Goals

hi. The truth is that I use to be a list maker, like over the top kinda list maker. Two-ish years ago the Lord started taking that desire to make list compulsively & cross things off out of my weekly routine. Out of my mind. I don't think making lists are a bad thing but for me it just kept me distracted from enjoying life, living passionately, and honestly it kept me from having people over in my home and growing community. So other than writing out my goals for the year and the dreams of my heart, the only list I make is for groceries.

However, the last few months have been very busy for us. I've found myself losing focus. So I decided to make a list of May Goals. This months list is simple. 

1. finish my office. my space for creating.
2. create together. Create with others. Create with my littles
3. Celebrate. the entire month of may is packed full to the brim with weddings, getaways, graduations, parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc. It is going to be wonderful. But also I want to focus on celebrating in our every day life. Celebrating Jesus, his gospel. 
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  1. Great list of goals! Sounds like you have a packed May! Lots of celebrations!!


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