Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To Breathe Life In Deeper

The need to breathe life in deeper is on my mind lately.
To just take in everything around me. 
Capture life right where we are. Holding very still to enjoy it all just as it is.

Johnny & I were up very late Saturday night. Laying in bed talking about the wonderful & the really hard stuff in life. We just felt it was necessary to take off to somewhere we hadn't been together as a family. Johnny suggested after church the next day that we head to Galveston. So this is what we did. It was the perfect day for our family. We have been mindful of not engaging in social media during family time or answering phone calls, text messages etc. We want to escape together as a family when we are together. 

Our day was perfect. It was Noah's very first time at the beach. He was just precious. As we drove over the big bridge into Galveston he said his excited "woohoo" followed by "yep, this is Hawaii!" Ha! We smiled so big and laughed having no clue where he got that from. Precious. He then saw the pier with all the rides, he called it the "Hip-hip-hooray!" Y'all this boy has our hearts. His sweet sister as always was mellow and such a happy camper on the beach. We had such a blast. We sat on the pier rocked in rocking chairs, laughed, and ate ice cream cookie sandwiches. It was so fun!

It was a wonderful day of hand holding & quality time with my husband and our children.
Just wanted to encourage you to take it all in. Everything. In the middle of the hard stuff take a step back & do something different. It will be magical. I promise. Life is so fun when it is lived out. 

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