Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Wearing & Attachment Parenting

It is no secret that I'm slightly crazy about my littles. This over the top charismatic little boy who made me a momma & his precious sister gracing me with overwhelming beauty and restored faith. As their momma I find myself wanting to keep them close to me. Their little hands holding mine, always kissing their cheeks, and hugs lasting all day.

As a full time student in college when Noah was born my schedule required me to be away for 2-3 days a week. Noah nursed and was extremely attached but his little sister seems to have him beat in that department. We tend to encourage this attachment and affection. 

With our first we felt pressured to do things that our friends and family members did with their children. Pressure from ourselves mostly. Bed time routines and whatnot. Our kids for the most part go to bed around the same time each night & they each sleep in their own bed the majority of the time. Noah more often than not climbs into our bed at some point during the night. Olivia sleeps alone 90% of the time. We were never very good at letting Noah cry it out or forcing him to sleep in his own bed if he didn't want to. We can count on one hand how many times we've disciplined our son for not staying in his room to sleep. We quickly threw so much out the window that we thought we had to follow. So this time around, from the get go, we kinda let the idea go that parenting in a specific way was not for us. Instead we were confident in doing things that worked for us. How we enjoyed life. We knew before Olivia was born that we were leaning towards an attachment parenting style because thats what eventually happened with Noah. We also planned for lots of baby wearing. However, I truly didn't anticipate being completely in love with these ideas. 
Life experiences have a way of changing your perspective. Before having kids I remember thinking moms who always had their kids with them must go insane, didn't they want a break? I use to think parents who allowed their littles to sleep with them must not care to enforce discipline. They must just be weak and give into their child's every whim. My mindset has changed drastically over the last four years. Realizing how naive, close minded I use to be.

Perhaps part of the reason I welcome having our children so close to us, with us all the time in whatever we are doing is because it took a lot to get them into our world. (Noah's story here & my struggle with loss here)Including their precious lives into everything we do seems natural. Normal. Each of our children had serious hurdles to cross in utero but the Lord has been faithful to bless us their lives. In ministry we have consciously decided to have me be as present as possible instead of at home with our kids. We make the choice to take them with us wherever we go. It works for us.
Baby wearing has come naturally this time around. Honestly, I love wearing our girl. Looking down at her sweet little nose, kissing her rosy cheeks every few minutes, and always letting her know how much she is loved. It has been a beautiful avenue to express my love for her. 

In the same way we keep Noah close as well. Snuggling him all the time. I have absolutely no clue how many times a day we exchange I love yous, hugs, and lots of kisses. He is precious. This is the time to instill in our children the things we value and hold dear to us.

Baby wearing is such a blessing. I have a sakura bloom ring sling & an ergo (a friend lent me), each are wonderful. I use both of them every single day. Anytime we go out she is in a sling. Life is easier plus she is always close.
A huge perk to wearing your baby verses carrying them in your arms, is you are hands free! Especially in church. Y'all this is a BIG deal for me. On Sundays, Wednesday, and Thursdays you will usually find me with either the sakura or the ergo on with Olivia tucked away inside. It allows me to keep track of Noah while still keeping her safely secured to me. I am hands free during worship. I can totally worship the way I want to and pray for others if I feel led to. It is amazing. 
Cooking, cleaning, feeding her & Noah at the same time is possible with baby wearing. Grocery shopping is a breeze with both kids too. I am a forever fan.

This lifestyle works for us, however so many wonderful moms have chosen a different route that works for them. They are beautiful mothers and we love our children just the same. Attachment parenting & baby wearing are two passions of mine. I do not believe they are for every parent but if you have any questions about either feel free to ask. I'm no expert on either, however only on my experiences. 

This post is not a paid advertisement. I simply want to share
 with you my love for baby wearing & attachment parenting.


  1. Aww, what wonderful pictures! Two of my favorite things are definitely babywearing and attachment parenting as well. I've done it since the beginning with my oldest who is now 14 and turned into one self assured young woman and still do it with my newly turned 4 year old.

  2. What sweet pictures. Good for you working out the what is best for your family instead of feeling pressured to do what others folks do.

  3. Babywearing is the only way I can manage a house with a toddler and newborn! And all four of us sleep in the same bed so I'm right there with you. :)

  4. My son's family has embraced attachment parenting and it's a beautiful thing. I so wish the slings had been available when I had mine. He would have lived in it!

  5. Babywearing was a life-saver for me - the only way I could get things done some days. I lost count of how many carriers I have. Now my baby-wearing days are mostly over as my youngest would rather not be worn most days and I still can't bear to part with any of my carriers.

  6. These are the sweetest pictures! Plus such priceless memories. I am also a major fan of attachment parenting. i think its the only way to go


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