Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Celebrate: Noah turns 4

Monday our little Noah turned 4 years old. Time has gone by too quickly. Sometimes I'll just take moments to remember his precious face as his eyes fall asleep. The color of his red lips are just too perfect. His kind heart is always encouraging on the days that are a challenge. He continually surprises us with all the charisma he has in his tiny little self. The moment we think we know exactly how he will react to a situation, he surprises us. He is full of so much joy, laughter, and so many silly faces. The things he comes up with continually surprise us.

There are so many sweet moments from this past year that I want to remember. The day he met his sister, how his eyes lit up. The way he always snuggles so sweetly on the couch nearly every night with me. The way he adores his daddy, wants to be just like him in every way. And the evening him & I were riding in the car and he asked me to help him know Jesus. He asked me to pray for the power of Jesus. (in those words). My heart fills with so much joy as I remember leading him in the prayer to ask Jesus to live in his heart.  
this year has been sweet with him.

Monday morning we filled his room with balloons of his favorite color, blue & red. That evening we celebrated Noah's special day with cake on the back porch and he opened a puzzle from us. We put it together many times before he ran free in the backyard with his daddy. Olivia & I enjoyed watching them run like crazy and jumping into the pool. Noah in his undies with the balloons makes my heart so happy. He kept saying all evening, "mommy daddy this is the best day ever! thank you for my birthday party." It doesn't take much to make little ones happy. 

It was so nice enjoying this sweet day of his as a family. 

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  1. It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time celebrating Noah on his birthday! :)


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