Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Days

Saturday was Noah's 2nd birthday. The weather was incredibly cool outside here & we enjoyed playing in the backyard. Noah took me for a little ride on his 4-wheeler, ha! I had a lovely brainstorming idea that it might be fun to tie a rope to his 4-wheeler, strap a helmet on my toddler, and pull him around the yard. 
All I gotta say is, BEST IDEA EVER! He loved it & it makes pushing him around the yard so much easier for his momma & daddy. 
We took Noah out for Chocolate & Yogurt. He also was surprised with a new truck. Noah had fun putting all of the chocolate inside of the bed of the truck, lol. It was a sweet birthday for our little guy! 
Sunday I woke up to two cards & a fun gift inside one of them for mothers day (gift card to a spa for a manicure). Luckily, my hubby gets me flowers about once a month. These were the bouquet he brought home a few days earlier. Very pretty! 

After church we came home made lunch & Johnny and Noah passed out. So, I did something that I rarely do, got in bed, curled up in the covers, started to watch a girly movie but instead took a long nap. I woke up to hearing Noah playing outside with Johnny. He looks like a little fireman with that helmet on & a water hose in hand. Oh my, the way we entertain our toddler probably makes people think we are nuts. ha! After Noah cleaned up in the bath we went out for dinner at Chuys. YUM! I had a very happy mothers day. Thank you Johnny for making it sweet for me. Love my little boy! Best mothers day present was him two years ago. 

Hope all of you mommas had a very Happy Mothers Day!!

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