Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today is May 12th

This is the first picture I took of Noah. Unfortunately I had blacked out twice during & after labor due to high blood pressure so I was given some powerful meds that put me to sleep for the first 24 hours of his little life. I remember the precious moment & seeing him when he first came into our world but I quickly blacked out after that. So I was so excited when I got to open my eyes and see this sweet little face in front of me. 
Today my little Noah turns 2 years old. I truly can not believe my eyes today. He is 2, where have the days gone? My heart is slightly sad as I look back on pictures from the last two years because my little baby is now a little boy. If you follow me on Instagram you are aware that I am going down memory lane. I have to because I am kinda in disbelief. I love my little guy so very much & he has always been such a joy in our lives. 

his first birthday

He has always been such the snuggler. Still is.
With daddy @ church. Johnny sent this to me when I was in class.

always makes me crack up with his facial expressions

love all of our sweet moments together 
Happy birthday to my daddy too. Noah was born on May 12th. My daddy's birthday :)
Thankful my son truly adores his daddy. Nothing more beautiful to me than their precious relationship.
Thankful for my sweet little boy. I am looking forward to all of our new memories to make this next year.


  1. happy birthday to noah! isn't it such a blessing to be the mama of a little boy?

    hope your day was great! ♥

    1. Thank you! Yes, it really is such a blessing. I love it! Even if it is challenging some days, it is the BEST!

  2. Those pictures are so adorable! Love his little smile & facial expressions, too cute! Happy birthday to Noah, hope he had a super fun day! :)

    1. thank you Krystal! It was a good day!


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