Friday, June 8, 2012

Giving up on Good: Healthy Eating for Noah

Giving up on Good. Healthy Foods for Noah 3 times a day & making sure he has eaten 3 meals a day. I have never been one of those moms who, while pregnant vowed to feed her child solely organic foods & never eat processed & to have perfectly balanced meals planned for her child, there is nothing wrong with that, but I just knew that was unrealistic for us. We live in a town that offers very few healthy fast alternatives plus I'm the type that is on the go-go-go that often driving through a fast food place to grab a grilled cheese for my picky child to eat is so much easier than driving all the way home to make him a healthy meal that he may or may not eat. 
Few things you should know....
1st Noah is PICKY! Beyond picky. He could wake up today eat grapes like they are going out of style & tomorrow hate them with a passion. The one food that our little man will consistently eat is mashed potatoes from KFC. We have tried them from other places, but thats it. I occasionally will make them homemade for him, but its a gamble. Sometimes he will eat them but usually they get chunked.
2nd. Kids Got a Sweet Tooth. To my knowledge, Noah never had candy until this past Easter. He had had ice cream a few times, but not enough for him to decide he liked it until just recently. Lately, popsicles are the only word that comes out of Noah's mouth when we tell him its time to eat. Oh my! That is the battle of the week right now, to give him a popsicle or listen to the aftermath of denying him one. Johnny & I don't even eat popsicles, EVER! I bought them when Noah was really sick in the hopes it would sooth him during a night with such a high fever, instead now I have a little addict on my hands. 

3rd. The Truth, is that I pick healthier options for Noah & myself on a regular basis. At home, we eat fresh & organic more often than not & avoid processed foods when we can. This doesn't mean that we never go to a fast-food place, but do not make it a weekly thing. Fortunately Noah LOVES fruit. All kinds. Its great! Other than fruit, there is a short list of foods on rotation for him. Trying to get him to eat meat is nearly impossible. Probably can blame myself for that one, lol. During the week I don't cook meat that often because I don't care for it which has resulted in my child not being too fond of it. Whoops. But he will eat chicken nuggets at times & occasionally chicken that I cook.
 4th, I have spent so much $ and time trying to figure out what he will eat, that I'm at a place of just feeding him what I know he will eat and truly not caring about the rest. Noah will go days barely eating & in the past I would rack my brain trying to figure out what to feed him. Done with that. Hope you don't think I'm horrible, but I am done exhausting myself several times a day trying to get this little cutie pie to eat. We have a pantry full of food & somehow nothing he will eat. Noah eats very good one week & then nothing for days. Usually, I have to bribe him to eat or distract him in some way. Just the way it is. This doesn't make me a bad momma or mean that I do not care if my son eats 3 meals a day because I do, but I'm okay with the fact that he doesn't. Anyhoo, I love my little guy & all of his quirky eating ways. 


  1. thank you thank you for this post! My first son, who is now seven years old, is the PICKIEST eater. I think some of it he was born with, and some of it is my fault for not being the healthiest eater myself, especially way back when he was born. I'm done blaming myself; I can only move forward and choose healthy more and more, and always keep introducing him to more foods! By the way he gets less picky and actually tries things sometimes now, so be hopeful! Thank you for making me feel OK being an imperfect mom today.

    1. Glad I could make you feel a little better about it today! Thanks for the encouragement & the hope that Noah will grow out of being so picky :) Good grief it is exhausting trying to make these picky eaters happy! lol Glad we can come to a place to be okay with letting it go.


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