Monday, June 25, 2012

She Reads Truth


This morning I wanted to share something with you that I am thankful for & would love for YOU to join me. I love the word of God. I enjoy spending time with the Lord. I love that God is the master of creativity. And I love community with women. Although all of these statements are true I still struggle in all three of these areas. Life gets in the way and I get too busy to make time for the word & the Lord.

I am excited to have found She Reads Truth. A community of women who come together daily to encourage one another to find that time with God, dive into the word, and share what God is speaking to them. The community of women are meeting up here at, She Reads Truth. Last week She Reads Truth started a new Bible study, Living the Surrendered Life via You version. Click here to get started with the study. All you have to do is create a free account and you can access it online or via the app for your smart phone. I love that this study offers so much but yet is time manageable. That probably sounds bad, but I'm being honest. It is 2 or 3 scriptures and thats all. Perfect when you have a busy life or little ones who always need you. 

COME JOIN ME! Start making the word a priority every single day. I encourage you to grab a journal & literally write out the scriptures from the study for each day. Expect God to take you deeper. Expect the scriptures to jump off the pages and into your heart. Expect to make friends. Expect to Grow. 

For me, God has been encouraging me to write out scriptures as well as doodling in my journal specific parts of the scripture that speak to me. Here are all 4 days from my journal. Don't think I'm delusional & believe my drawings are amazing. I'm aware of my lack of drawing skills. Thats not the point though. The point is to grow in Gods word however he leads. We serve the God of the universe who is the creator of creativity, so why not doodle out his word!?! If you feel up for it, try it out yourself. 

Follow SheReadsTruth on twitter and instagram to connect to a community of hundreds of women just like you. 
Hope you decide to join me & many other women in this study! Now I've gotta go ride my bike with this cute little man sitting behind me! 
Happy Monday!


  1. I was so wondering what the next study was! I did last months, but was away last week and missed the announcement of the new study! Thanks :)

    1. Your welcome, are you doing this study too? I've missed two days these week but I love the study already!

  2. doodling what I hear and read always helps it stick. this is awesome!

    1. thanks. I know, I've always enjoyed playing worship music and doodling as I listen. Over the last few years I started doing the same as I read the word, enjoying it even more!


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