Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tiny Toes Dancing Down the Hall

When the toys in the tub don't stick to the bathtub walls
When baby dolls are no longer lining the hallway 
Race cars are stacked away neatly
Muddy shoes are clean 
Cheerios are not riddled throughout the house

My heart will ache. 
My eyes will well with tears
The lump in my throat will grow big
My mind will grasp for the memories 
My breath will be taken back. 

My children will be grown. 
I will wish, believing with every once of magic in me, that just maybe I could have the bathtub toys sticking again. And the crackers stuck on the bottoms of my bare feet once more. 
The early morning snuggles that start before the sun rises. 
Today my hugs tighter around my little ninja turtle for afternoon snuggles.
Tonight one more song to sing before we say our prayers. 
In the middle of the night my smile will stretch from ear to ear with each crumb stuck to my feet as I walk through the house to get a cup of milk after a bad dream.
In the morning tiny toes dancing down the hall will be the most wonderful melody to my ears. 

It's a beautiful way of living. 
To be a mom. 

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  1. How precious. Those memories will make all of the hard, frustrating moments worth it. Wonderfully written. <3


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