Thursday, May 31, 2012

Giving Up on The Good

Today I am linking up to a delightful blog, Naptime Diaries, that every single one of you reading this should check out. I love the world of blogging because on a daily basis I can be encouraged by so many other woman across the country& the world who love Jesus, have families, and are inspiring me to be a better me. Each Thursday, Naptime Diaries host a link-up called "Giving up on Good" which basically is an outlet for women to share their hearts about how we simply can not do it all. I participated here & here last month. It is lovely & I know you will enjoy it.

Today, I'm giving up on the idea that I will ever be the mom who looks put together all the time. Let me explain a little. I was sharing with my sister how I just don't know how some mommas do it... all the time look so put together. Their hair perfect, cute clothes on, makeup looking good, stylish shoes on their feet & even their jewelry is all put together. Good grief, I get tired just thinking about it. 

To be honest there are the rare occasions when I manage to accomplish everything on that list at the same time, but the one I have never been able to achieve is the makeup looking good. I wake up in the morning put my makeup on & by lunch it looks like I never put anything on. I don't understand how these mommas do it? How does your makeup stay on your face for longer than 2 hours?? Let me show you something.... 
My makeup bag. Tiny little 5 inch bag that holds my 3 essentials for each day; base foundation, powder, and 2 mascaras (one waterproof). I have been throwing on eyeliner, eye shadow, and sometimes lip gloss lately if I'm feeling extra frilly. ha. Perhaps this is part of my makeup dilemma I don't have enough of it or it might be because I use cheap-o pharmacy makeup for $7. The truth is, I couldn't live with myself if I purchased makeup for more than $10 a bottle on a regular basis. It is what it is. Thats the point of this giving up on good. It is okay. 
My shoes. During the week you will find me in a pair of very low heel black sandals, cute tan flip flops, or tenni shoes. On Sundays you will most likely find me in these cute beat-up blue Mary Jane's that I've had for 4 years or my black sandals. Honestly, I have a closet full of beautiful pumps, heels, and boots but the only times I wear them are on date nights or girls night out. In the past I have worn a pair of very cute shoes on Sundays but regret it from the moment worship starts. I can't worship freely like I want to with my cuter shoes on. They are not comfortable. So I forgo the stylish pumps and stick to the comfy broken in blue Mary Janes. This way I can lift my hands up to the Lord, clap, pick up my toddler, walk over to pray with someone, and be worry free of falling over in my heels. To be honest, it is perfectly okay with me. I love it.
So, this is me. 70% of the week when I'm at home I have mascara on, foundation, t-shirt & shorts playing with my baby, reading, working on projects, or cooking. I do tend to do a lot during the week away from the house so I put on decent looking clothes but the second I get home I more often than not put this getup on. Also, at 5 pm I attempt to run to put cute clothes on & freshen up before my man walks in the door just because I think its fun! Otherwise, I am this kinda momma & that is okay with me.

I share this to express that it is okay to give up on the idea that I will ever be that mom that has it all together. That is not in me. I am not organized enough nor do I think my day out well enough to ensure that I look put together more often than not. I do make the effort to look put together but I guess I'm okay with non keeping up with it throughout the day or achieving that finished look. I'm giving up on the good. 


  1. some things:

    1. i put make-up on at 7am (or before) most days and it's gone by 10 probably.
    2. you know how i feel about heels but if i do happen to wear a low heel (never ever wear a high one!) i take my shoes off as soon as worship starts at church.
    3. since we joined the gym i have gotten into the habit of putting on workout shorts and a t-shirt every morning and staying in it all day. even while running errands. mom would die if she saw me out most days!

    1. ha! Ya I know, mom might die if she reads this post. lol jk. yes I would LOVE to go to this conference. I wonder if we could carpool with other women & if we start saving we might get to go!?

  2. oh also, wouldn't be so fun to be able to go that conference? if only we had loads of money for things like "fun"!

  3. This is so sweet! I will be so happy if you want to follow each other! What do u say? Kisses

  4. I literally laughed out loud, at the running to freshen up at five! I do the same thing! Five is when I run and put on pants with buttons and not just an elastic waist band. Its those little things that makes a marriage work ;)

    1. ha. Glad I'm not alone in this little daily routine! Yes, these are the little things that keep the marriage alive and well!


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